Stephanie’s Younger weekly recap: Last Days of Books


Younger Episode 3, season 3: Last Days of Books

In last week’s episode of Younger, Last Days of Books, Liza finds out that the book store in her home town is going to close. Her books club wants her help in coming up with ideas to save it. Lauren takes Kelsey out to get her back out in the dating world. It doesn’t go well for Kelsey, but Lauren sees her old friend Max. Things go very well and she starts to question her relationship with Maggie.

Bryce gets called a cultural predator because of the changes that he’s making. Liza comes up with an idea to get Bryce to donate money to her home town book store. This was it saves the book store and makes Bryce look good. As they are getting ready to deliver the check Liza tries to stay back at the office, but she gets pushed into going. Now Liza’s two worlds are threatening to collide once again.  Right before they get to the book store Bryce gets the message that saving a book store has already been done and he pulls out not wanting people to think that he stole the idea.

We still don’t see much of Josh, but what we do see of him he seems to be very supportive of Liza. From the previews I have seen of tonight’s episode it looks like we will get to see more of him.

Can’t wait for tonight’s episode!

If you missed last weeks episode you can watch it at:

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