Mom Hacks – Decorating

I wanted to share with you some of my mom hacks I use for decorating. Sometimes all it takes is thinking outside the box to get cute and affordable decor. Plus I’m going to share with you my hack for something that can be frustrating…hanging picture frames!

My first mom hack is for the kitchen.

I always leave my dish soap on the sink since I use it so much, but I
hated the look of it sitting there.  At that time the olive oil I was using was in a pretty glass bottle so I saved it when it was used up, cleaned it up and I now use that for my dish soap container. You can also pick up similar containers to do this with.

Another hack for the kitchen is my sponge holder. It’s actually a napkin holder . This way you keep your sponge up off the counter so it can dry better and get something that goes with your kitchen’s decor.

**Keep an eye out for my up coming blog post on how your kids can make my suncatcher!


 So here is my hack for hanging picture frames! Take painter’s tape and lay it over the back of the frame where the hangers are. Make sure to press down so you can see their outline. Then take your nail and poke a hole where it will rest in the hangers.

Next, take the tape and position it on the wall where you want your picture to hang. Nail the nail where you made your holes and then pull the tape off the wall. No harm to your walls and no more measuring to get the nail spacing right!

Now let’s talk kids’ rooms!

Kids’ favorites can change quickly, so keeping their room up to date with what they are in to can be costly.  So for this hack I went to my local party store and picked up honey comb balls to hang from the ceiling. They come in all different sizes and colors and you can also get creative and turn them into your child’s favorite characters. Another thing you can grab while at the party store are the plastic swirl decorations, they have them in characters too. This is a great way to add color to their room and my kids love them!

Always have your eye out and an open mind. Instead of hanging an ornament on the tree it became a ceiling fan pull decoration for my daughter’s room. I’ve also done this with keychains!

My hack for getting cheap toy storage? Easter baskets/buckets! They come in so many different sizes, colors and characters so it’s easy to find something to go with your kid’s room.  These are my favorite thing to put those special toys that can get lost at the bottom of their toy box. It can be left out either on the floor next to the bed or sit on the shelf for easy play time access and it still looks nice. Plus, if you hit the after holiday sales you can get a great deal!

My last hack for you is also about toy storage…for stuffed animals!

Almost every kid has a million of them, and if you mother in law is anything like mine, your kid gets a new one for every holiday. I have done many things from baskets to the wall net, but my favorite is the bean bag cover. It’s a two in one solution, stuffed animals out of site and a comfy place to read!


I hope these hacks have been helpful! Make sure you check out my other mom hacks here:

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Mom Hacks

Who doesn’t love a good mom hack?!

I wanted to share with you a few tips or “mom hacks” that have made my life as a mom little easier!

Mom Hack 1: When you go to the movies there is nothing better than their popcorn! We always get a large and share it between the four of us, but passing the tub back and forth is not fun. And there is always the chance one of the kids will spill it. So I picked up these cute cups in the party section, they come in many different characters. This makes sharing a lot easier and they can be used at home. These are my kids favorite cups to drink out of too.

Hack 2: This idea has made packing school lunches so much easier! I took a shoe organizer and filled each pouch with chips, fruit, fruit snacks, and a drink. The kids pick what pouch they want and then all they need is their sandwich! It also helps us not to eat what we buy for their lunches.

Hack 3: One thing I do as soon as I get home from grocery shopping is portion out the meat into meals. My food saver has become a life saver! See what I did there? 😉  With my ground meats I put them in the bag and then I roll them flat. This makes it freeze faster and therefore thaw out faster.

Keep an eye out for more of my Mom Hacks!




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