Younger: Season 4, episode 9 “The Incident at Pound Ridge”

I think my mouth is still on the floor after last weeks episode.

Charles tells a buddy of his that there is another woman when they talk about Pauline being back. It looks as though the rumor gets to her since she asks Liza questions over one of their meetings. Liza dodges the questions asking that they keep it professional.

Kelsey asks Josh to do an adult coloring book with his tattoo designs. In doing this it will earn Josh a 10 grand advancement. Josh and Claire get to go on a real date instead of him just hanging out at the bar she works at. Things end up getting pretty hot, then things turn real hot due to the peppers Clair had at dinner. Things end with lots of yogurt. It ends up being a very funny but sweet moment for the new couple.

It’s time for the company picnic, which is being held at Charles’ home. Since Pauline is now one of their authors and Josh is planing on doing the coloring book, they will both be attending which makes for some awkward moments.  It seems like everything will be alright between Josh and Charles when they say hello, then we get to the potato sack race… let’s just say that Josh gets revenge for when he caught Charles with Liza. Liza goes to check on Charles and they have a quick but steamy moment. He lets her know of his feelings once again, but Liza puts the breaks on. When Kelsey goes to Liza about the potato sack incident, since now Josh’s deal is done, she ends up telling her everything. Sadly for the #TeamCharles fans, Kelsey strongly advises Liza to stay away from Charles romantically.

It seems like Liza and Charles just can’t catch a break!

This season they just keep surprising us! Can’t wait to see what happens tonight!

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