Stephanie’s Younger Recap: Season 4, Episode 11

Younger: Season 4, episode 11 “It’s Love, Actually”


Josh throws Claire a goodbye party. He tries to get her to agree to a long distance relationship, but she shuts him down. After she leaves, Josh decides to go after her.

Charles tells Kelsey and Liza that he wants their book, Marriage Vacation, to be printed by Emperical and not by their imprint. Kelsey is not happy about this, and to top it off Zane is starting to contact her again. She meets him for lunch and finds out that he’s starting his own company… and wants Kelsey to join him. Kelsey does some research, with a push from Liza, and finds out that what he told her about his high profile author’s contract is not totally true. This was his big pull to get her to join him. But in the end it turns out that Zane isn’t going to start a company after all, instead he’s joining the Emperical family.

Diana learns the truth about Richard, which puts an end to their relationship. All this happens right before she goes to an award show, where she is being honored.

Jay is Liza’s date to the award show. They seems to be taking their relationship slow. That is until the end of the night. Liza breaks down after seeing Charles and Pauline leaving together, then admits that she’s in love with Charles.

Last episode is tonight, how do you think it will end?

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