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Thanks to UncommonGoods for partnering with Life, Books & Loves to bring you these great gift ideas.

UncommonGoods is a business not only working toward sustainability, but making sure it’s a business with integrity. Respect and dignity is the name of their game. Many of the artists and manufacturers make quality products that are socially and environmentally responsible. They don’t sell anything with fur, feathers or leather. Anyone ordering from them are sure to get amazing service and products. One of the coolest things that this company offers is a Better to Give Program which allows you to select a non-profit organization that UncommonGoods will donate a dollar to after checkout.

Having trouble figuring out what gifts to get your friends for Christmas? Check out UncommonGoods site for unique presents – from games to jewelry to fun literary socks from Jane Austen (photo below) – they have a wide range of items for men and women, boys and girls.

If you have gifts to think about for your bestie, you can choose to look specifically under that category. From friendship mugs, to paperweights, wall plaques, scarves, and wine glasses you’ll want to jump on ordering some of these fun items. You might just find things not only for your friend, but for yourself, too!

There are tons of small trinkets that would make awesome stocking stuffer ideas. From Orbit eye stones to key chains and friendship bracelets, click HERE to check them all out.

And if you’re wanting to narrow down your search even more, meet Sunny, your expert gift guide. Sunny will help you find what you’re looking for by personalizing your preferences instead of searching across all categories.

For example – The special man in your life is interested in cooking, traveling, and music. You can easily plug these options in for Sunny to sort through and locate for you. What’s more, the more items you mark with stars, the more personalized the list gets for you to look through.

Your gift giving journey is sure to be a fun one with Sunny!

Happy shopping!


DISCLOSURE – This post was compensated by UncommonGoods. Regardless of compensation, I truly believe their products are high quality, and I love what their company stands for.  Images provided by UncommonGoods.


The Home Depot Kids Workshops

The Home Depot has workshops for kids once a month, usually the first Saturday of the month. These are great for the family and they are free! Your child will receive an apron just like the employees wear along with a pin for the project they are making and a certificate.

No need to bring anything, Home Depot has everything supplied for you from the pieces to make the project to the tools and sometimes paint.

My kids have been doing this for a few years now and love it. It’s a fun way to get them hands on and to learn how to build things. The workshops usually start in the morning so most of the time we make a morning/day of it eating breakfast out or making fun plans for the rest of the day. Even though they are older now they still need our help reading instructions and holding things for them as they nail pieces together. Home Depot has done a great job with the project kits and making it as easy as they can. Holes are pre-made in the pieces so it makes hammering a little easier.

The kids are always so proud of themselves for what they have made!

Last month they made a Penske truck, but we have made many things from a bug house to a monster truck. Some times they even have projects that go with a movie that is coming out or that go with the season.

To check out what project is next and sign your child up head over to http://www.homedepot.com/workshops/#change_store

You can also check out their DIY workshops with this link.

Some Home Depot stores also have a sign at the front entrance that shows what the upcoming projects are.

Happy building!

Fall Printables by Sassy Steph Designs

These printables are a great way to bring fall into your home!

$6.00 each
Image file will be emailed to you so you can print them where/how you want.

If you don’t see what you are looking for please send me a message on my FB page or email me.

Email: sassystephdesigns@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SassyStephDesigns/

Instagram: @sassysteph11

Twitter: @SassySteph11



Fall is For…

Every Year I Fall For…


Fall is Here


Hello Fall


Pumpkin Spice


Welcome Pumpkin