Stephanie’s Younger Weekly Recap: A Night at the Opera

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Younger Episode 4, season 3: A Night at the Opera

Last week on Younger, A Night at the Opera, Liza gets a break with her secret. She learns what Netflix and Chill really means, but before her and Josh can get steamy she lets him know her monthly visitor has come and she can’t. That becomes a big question for her friends, if you wait or just go for it.

While Liza and Josh cool it off Diana gets hot and heavy with a plumber working in her building!

Bryce wants Kelsey and Liza to work with YouTube sensation “The Stupid Girls.” When it turns out that one of the girls has written a good book, Bryce turns it down since it’s not part of “The Stupid Girls” brand. Liza also learns Bryce’s plans to get rid of all the older staff at Empirical.

Diana is in such a great mode after another night with her plumber, she gives Liza her tickets to the Opera. She runs into Charles and even though they are there with dates, they still have some sexual tension going on between them. Can’t wait to see what they do with that! Liza starts to talk to him about Bryce’s plans, but the lights flicker for the start of the opera.

And even though Liza and Josh were keeping it cool this episode, they had a HOT ending!

So ready for tonight’s episode! Who is loving this season?!

If you missed last weeks episode you can watch it at:

Younger is on TV Land, Wednesday nights at 10/9c

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